Reception From Airport

 We are Glad to offer Continuous
all year round

Car Rental in Makkah & Jaddah

   Reception from Jeddah Airport

to any destination

Taxi Pickup Service , Tourism

 Services, Omrah and hajj Services

Accommodation reservations

  Best prices!

Rent A Car / Transfers Services:

Transfers from Airport to Hotels or
any place can never be easier with us

Want to take a quick lift for Business
meeting, Find someone waiting for you
in the airport? or go for touristic drive

  Or simply rent out a car  for whole day

we  can  always  provide  you  with
differen't  options  including  Vans
Family cars ,  4wd  cars  ,  ordinary
cars ... ?  along  with  the  drivers  of
your  top  convenience  and luxury

All is available with us and at your
order anytime 24hrs/day, 7days/week

Organising Events:

  In addition , we do have services of
ceremonies and events as
 per interest/requirement and making
 them , memorable all life time for you

Contact Info:





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